Affiliate Usage

I will sometimes use affiliate links, but they absolutely will not drive my content. Hopefully that will be evident through originality and honesty in my posts.

Why I decided to use affiliate links:

First and foremost, I detest advertisement banners and sidebars. Second, an affiliate program seemed to be the natural option for this type of content. When I post about a tool modification, a parts list is a natural part of the post. Even without an affiliate program, I’d still give you a direct link to the exact part I’m referring to, to save you the time of hunting and to offload some of the nitty gritty details onto the product site rather than here.

Using an affiliate program is ideal because 1) it doesn’t impact the look/feel of this site, and 2) it doesn’t cost you any extra….as long as I’m honest with my link recommendations. More on that next.


Often, my posts are about using things you have on-hand instead of buying something (see How To Sand Holes Fast). I could easily turn those $90 inflatable sanding attachments into affiliate links, but I will not do that. Instead, I’ll try to help you expand your mind to see the things around you as being viable (often better) alternatives.

Companies: I buy products from several companies, such as Amazon, AliExpress, BangGood, eBay, as well as locally. I’ll generally make more affiliate money if you buy something through an Amazon link, but I will not let that guide my recommendation of which company to buy from. They each have their own pros and cons depending on the item. Sometimes, I will include links to both – so you can decide based on your timeline and budget.

At this point, I am only registered for the Amazon affiliate program. I’ll update this page if I register for another.