RESTAURANT-STYLE Paper Holder using MAGNETS, Ball Bearings, Hemp Rope & Black Walnut

What Is It?

A paper / photo / postcard / mail / notecard / art holder that can:

  • Be used with 1 hand (allowing higher placement on the wall)
  • Accommodate a considerable variety of paper thicknesses (and stacks of papers)

How’s it work?

  • Bearings & Magnets hold the paper tight
  • Rope keeps the bearings from falling on your head.
  • Wood holds the magnets
  • Wood clamps the tensioned rope to the wall.

Want a How-To?

View the Instructable Here


Main Parts

Main Supplies

Possible Extras (per references if you need them)

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See the last few minutes of this video where I show various amazing ad-hoc uses for the magnet/ball combo.