Shelves for an Awkward Space

We bought a toaster oven. To free up counter space, I set out to make shelves to hold the flour, salt, pepper, etc. that once lived on the counter.

Problem:  A 135° corner and a cabinet door swing made this an awkward location, but it was the perfect spot for the intended use.

Solution:  Make shelves that are the proper shape for the items, as well as the space.  Allow the door to swing almost all the way open.  Behind the door, the shelves can hold small things like salt & pepper.  The proud part of the shelves can hold the larger jars.  


Why did I buy my welder? Brackets. Custom brackets.

First, I welded rebar to a flat piece of steel. For the angle, I scored the front side of the steel with the portable band saw. That way, it would bend back at an angle rather than a curve.

I drilled holes to line up with the studs, and attached the shelves with copper pipe clamps.

Finding the right shape was the tricky part here. Due to the drywall corner bead, the 135°-ish angle was a bit awkward to measure, so I just took some scrap and figured out what worked best. Then more scraps were used to fine-tune the shape.

Once the shape was finalized, I made an official template out of 1/2″ MDF.

I didn’t have the right router bit on hand, so I used multiple passes.

3/4″ Kreg screws secure the shelves in place.

I finished these with aerosol Shellac. The reason deserves its own blog post one of these days…

Done is a great feeling.