Tootsie Pop Football Field

For an inside joke (not for you to know) I set out to make a football field with Tootsie Pop players.

For the end zones and field markings, I designed some stamp-like things and 3D printed them.  

The field is just a scrap of 1/2″ Baltic Birch plywood. It was 24″ which made calculations for yardage lines simple. (100 yards + 2x 10 yard end zones = 120 yards.) That worked out to be 2″ per 10 yards.

I’m very new to football, so I labored excessively to find an offense and attempted defense setup that would be accepted (or at least overlooked) by knowledgeable friends.

My team name was n00b; his was Priest Mahomes.

So I took those 3D printed stamps and stamped them into the end zones using acrylic paint via foam from my scrap foam bucket.

That went way better than I expected. Lines are super rough but the field color and the stamps turned out nice.

The 3D printer was particularly helpful for the yard markings. I designed the stamp to have two notches to ease alignment with the field lines when stamping.

BTW, the field marking font is Clarendon Bold.

The Dum-Dum refs were a last minute thought.

The green field finish turned out way better than expected as well. I airbrushed a few coats of TransFast Green dye. Dyes are great about preserving the wood grain (not to be confused with growth rings). And, the preservation of the wood grain along with the vibrant green finish gave a very nice grass-like texture look.