Keith’s Test Garage

Omg so freaking simple!!

Shelby on Wicked Fast Shop Drawers

That belch earned my subscription

Logan Angus on Wicked Fast Shop Drawers

OHH thats sweet, will make some of these. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Wintergatan on Wicked Fast Router & Dremel Bit Storage

As for the rubber clamps – I fell out of my chair 🤣

Mick S on Wicked Fast Router & Dremel Bit Storage

What is the name of the pet worm?

Christopher Harper on Wicked Fast Router & Dremel Bit Storage

Stop it! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! If you peel that velcro one more time, we’re not going to McDonalds for supper!

Andrew Bennett commented on Stop Melting Your Hooks


The Holey Desk

I stole the 20mm/96mm bench dog pattern straight from Festool. Or, Ron Paulk. Or, the MFSlab…I forget who.

The Holey Desk standard allows shared creations of compatible desk parts.

Holey Desk Parts (download them here)


Opportunity Cost of Space

Small workspaces benefit from good usage of space. This video is about asking “what else could I spend this space on?”

I’ve never related to anything more in my life than being in the middle of something and having the compressor kick on and scare the crap out of me.

James Martin

3 Things Visible

Visibility is commonly associated with accessibility. But, it also plays a role in training, habit-forming, and outside-the-box thinking.

A tips style video that isn’t “hey, this video is 5 tips you’ve seen on every YouTuber’s page ever and you probably already knew them before you watched their videos!”

TN Disc Sports commented on 3 Things Visible

“What DIY YouTubers don’t
want you to see.”

Felix Dietz commented on Doofus Builds an End Table

I can picture you one day doing a video at age 80 in the same garage, with only 1 square foot left to fill…

Steven T. McClard commented on Upside Down Piano Stand

Highly Important Solutions

Left: hers. Right: mine.

This started as a joke.

After lamenting to my wife about having to give her KitchenAid mixer back, she found a $15 KitchenAid at a garage sale (missing bowl, tilt doesn’t lock) and now the KitchenAid Sander has become one of my most used shop tools due to its uniquely slow speed and high torque.

A Proper LED Candle That…

  1. Looks
  2. Lights
  3. Flickers
  4. Blows out
  5. Smokes
…like a real candle.

Please sell these. I’m stupid but I have money.

razcalking on Overkill LED Candle

A lathe iron.. didn’t see that coming.

Vex on Overkill LED Candle
That super-freaky time I saw myself on my Google News feed.